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Hello. Welcome to my website. I'm guessing that as you are here you are looking for a photographer for your portrait, your wedding or perhaps to promote your business with some stylish corporate images.Well, I hope that what you can see in my gallery and on the client pages gives you an example of what I can do..... but why choose me from the hundreds of photographers out there?

   I hold a Licentiate qualification from Royal Photographic Society  (only currently 3,300 members)

    I promise you that the love and passion I have for photography itself will come across from the first - I will take the time to really understand what you are looking for and work with you to create it. Photography is a collaborative process and no you can be as involved as you wish or leave everything to me, the relationship between you and the camera will be clear to see.

    I have a modern, well equipped studio in Shenstone capable of fitting in any large family groups for those special occasions; and it is versatile enough to be adapted for more individual, intimate portraits or stylish commercial shoots.

Family portraits are a lot of fun and I provide a glass of wine complementary to calm her parents - soft drinks and Haribo to reward the kids once the camera has rolled.  

    And weddings - well that's all about you no "one size fits all" - I'll put the package together that you want so it's the perfect fit. For more information or simply a chat please do contact me. 

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